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Free ADA Ebooks Download


Free ADA Ebooks Download

ADA is an objected oriented high level programming language. It was developed for US defense in 1970s. ADA is used for critical real time applications in embedded and real time systems. It has lot of features such as strongly typed, run-time checking, parallel processing, exception handling techniques, OOPS including dynamic despatching, etc. Other ADA language features are safe type system, modularity, information hiding, readability, portability, standardisation, etc
ADA is presently used in military aviation projects, air traffic systems, satellite systems, etc. ADA is a structured and imperitive programming language and current version of ADA is 2005 edition. Today, ADA is largely using to develop lot of avionics software. ADA supports compile time check to avoid bugs and also avoid buffer overflow, off by one errors, array access errors, etc. This feature of ADA makes it superior for real time application developments.
In this posting iam trying to provide you free ADA ebooks download links through which you can get a great knowledge about ADA basics, ADA advanced programming, its data types, exception handling techniques, etc.
Following are the free ADA ebooks download links provided for getting started with ADA 95, ADA 2005, ADA practical programming, etc. Visit this links and master in ADA programming.
  1. ADA 95: The Craft of Object Oriented Programming View/Download
  2. ADA for Software Engineers View/Download
  3. Object Oriented Software in ADA 95 View/Download
  4. ADA 95 - a Guide to C and C++ Programmers View/Download
  5. ADA in action (with practical programming examples) View/Download
  6. ADA 95 Rationale View/Download
  7. ADA 95 Lovelace Tutorial View/Download
  8. ADA 95 Reference Manual View/Download
  9. ADA Distilled View/Download
  10. Quick ADA View/Download
  11. Public ADA Library (PAL) View/Download
  12. The Big Online Book on Linux ADA programming View/Download
  13. ADA and Beyond View/Download
  14. ADA 2005 Programming View/Download

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